About ilf

International Lithuanian Federation – ILF

Mission Statement

The mission of ILF is to to provide quality programming and content that informs, educates, and unites
lithuanians internationally

The core team members of ILF are as follows:

Alexandra Kudukis 

Chief executive officer journalist, broadcast journalist, author, and editor. A leader with a strong vision and work ethic, with a passion for serving and uniting the international Lithuanian community
email: alex@iamlietuva.com

Jongas Pongas

Executive Coordinator Computer savant and technical master with the unique ability to both excel in technical fields as well as the arts. Uses his rare abilities to help shape the vision of the organization and propel it forward.

email: eduardas@iamlietuva.com

Marytė Šėpikas

 Contributing Writer And Editor Social networking guru extraordinaire. Marytė is a fountain of knowledge regarding Lithuanian events next door or on the other side of the world. She shares her honed writing and editing skills to assist us in producing the highest quality written communication on our website and newsletters. email:

Vincent “Vincas” Bernota

 Entertainer, Golfer, Best Substitute Teacher and Funnest guy Ever! our news anchor for Lithuanian News show for iAmLietuva.com”