ILF News Episode 2 February 2016

16 Responses to ILF News Episode 2 February 2016

  1. Amandas says:

    Saunuoliai naujieji Lietuvos internetiniai ambasadoriai. Gerai, kad vartojate anglu kalba. Daugiau kitatauciu ir lietuviu, nekalbanciu lietuviskai, gales pasidometi Lietuva ir lietuviu emigramtu gyvenimu.
    Dziugu, kad savo laidas filmuojate Bernardo Brazdzionio iseivijos menininku kiemelyje. Ant menininku kiemelio sienos yra puikus B.Brazdzionio zodziai:”Saukiu lietuvi burtis prie lietuvio ir gyva sirdi prie gyvos sirdies”. Siulyciau savo video reportaza ir pradeti nuo tu zodziu.
    Pagarbiai. Amandas.

  2. Matt Valentinas says:

    Great work Alexandra! I love that your co-anchor is Patriots fan! He is a very smart man.

  3. Dalia says:

    Hi guys
    It’s fun to watch you. My suggestion for Vincas. Please, don’t wear this ugly cap sitting next to a beautiful young lady. 🙂

  4. Dalia T says:

    Hi guys. It’s fun to watch you. A suggestion to Vincas: please don’t wear this ugly cap when sitting next to a beautiful young lady 🙂

  5. Mary Beth Slakis says:

    What a great job you both did hi Alex temember me Maryte best friend hope all is well and please continue this wonderful video in English about our Lithuanians I do enjoyr

  6. Vico pussesere Alberta is San Jose says:

    Sveikiname Vinca ir Alexa! Great highlights and I found it very interesting!

  7. Vinco pussesere Alberta says:

    Correction, Vinco pussesere!

  8. Saulius K. says:

    Hey, Kolegos, good job!
    And I especially like the decoration on the table.
    Lino’s bread is the best! Aciu!

  9. Tony Mazeika says:

    Great possibilities for constant updates and information. Yes, with Alexandra, you can become a Lithuanian- American version of FNC. You can also occasionally include latest news updates re: Lietuva & NATO events. The enemy is still at the gates. As Americans we must promote US cooperation and support for Lietuva.

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